Korge 1.0.3 published with a critical bugfix

  • KorGE 1.0 included KorIM 1.5.0, that has a pretty nasty effect that Bitmap32 hashCode is computed from the contents of the Bitmap.

    1. KorGE was using Bitmap32 as keys in a HashMap to compute which textures are active. That made everything super slow, specially when using large images and in Kotlin/Native Debug.

    2. Also KorIM had a bug with Windows with Kotlin/Native that swapped RED and BLUE componentes when reading images using the native decoder.

    3. KorGE gradle plugin was not using the icon file in submodules. And the icon property in the extension was immutable. Now that should be fixede

    KorGE 1.0.3 fixes those two bugs.

    I have updated the samples and the hello-world/template to use that version: